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The Band

A band was just waiting to be born.......6 people all met through Facebook.......voila, RIFFED!!!


Ludger Bourassa


Ludger Bourassa is a guitarist who hails from the depths of The Hamilton Music Scene. Playing in many bands, from original acts to cover acts, as well plying his trade in Sound Re-enforcement in various clubs. Ludger is happiest when on stage playing for an audience and feels every second of practice towards this goal is worth its weight in gold.

Ludgers motto in life is live, laugh and Get Riffed!

Tom Crevar


Born and raised in the Hammer, Tom started off his career in the 80's as Lead Vocalist/Drummer in his first band. He moved on to take on the role of front man for a few local bands performing just about everything from a Judas priest tribute to a three piece acoustic ensemble which he has been involved with for the last several years. He is now sharing the role of Lead Vocals and has joined forces with some talented band mates and is primed and ready to let the Riffery begin!

Kim Alvey


Kim Alvey is half of the lead vocal team in Riffed. Kim has been singing her whole life. She has won awards at festivals in singer/songwriter competitions. Kim’s vocal stylings range from the eloquent meanderings of Stevie Nicks, to the rocking growl of Joan Jett. Kim enjoys singing to a rip roaring crowd of dancers, and knows one fact, her act is to Get Riffed!

Bruce Speakman


Having been lucky enough to be born into a musical family, Bruce Speakman rounds out the dual guitar onslaught of Riffed.
His penchant for perfection is not lost in his passion for music.
Bruce has been playing in The Hamilton Music Scene for many years, and knows a good thing when he hears it!!!

Brian Fogel


Brian Fogel Canadian drummer, percussionist received his first drum kit at tbe age of 10 and has had a passion for music ever since; 42 years experience. He has gained a lot of experience in the industry sharing the stage with many top acts, musicians and has had the pleasure to have been taught by world class drummers such as Adam David (Eddie Rabbit, RAY CHARLES, VINCE GILL) and Bobby Sibony (CELINE DION, Amanda Marshall, "The Chris Rock Show', KENNY ROGERS). Over the years, Brians' experiences range as an acclaimed musician and educator, worked extensively recording and in studio with numerous artists around the world, touring with acts across Canada (coast to coast) and the USA and world-wide exposure with video air play on Much Music. He has played for Sinful Love, Suzi & the Revells, Persuader, Foxfire, Renegade, Ruckus, D'Haine, Rated-X, Gypsy, Vader's Raiders to name a few. Brian is currently the drummer in a Rock Theatre act "Aron Cross", based in Toronto, Ontario. Currently residing in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada, Brian plays regularly with several other bands, local venues & festivals. Brian's enthusiasm, spark and unyielding drive has put him in a category above mediocrity, where the depth of his musical style and inherent skills of the trade will continue to deliver powerful and impressive results in future musical and artistic pursuits.

Markus Rose


With music as his emotional expression of choice, Markus Rose is holding down the low end for Riffed! His continuous goal in life is to expand his horizons as a multi-instrumentalist with a background in a myriad of styles, gaining good friends and amazing experiences along the way. After lighting up the night with his previous bands in his home town of Nuremberg, Germany, he has discovered the musical heart beat going strong right here in Hamilton. Together with Riffed he will make you feel that powerful groove, bringing to you all the songs you love!